Children's Programs - FAQ


Are you educators qualified?

 All educators have Working with Children Checks, children’s services qualifications, first aid, emergency asthma, anaphylaxis & child protection training.    Staff update skill regularly and attend professional development training.


Does my child have to be immunised?


No Jab, No Play

The Victorian Government has amended the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. The Public Health Amendment (No Jab, No Play) Act 2015 means that Early Childhood Educators and Care Services cannot enrol a child, unless the parent/guardian has provided documentation that show the child is fully vaccinated for their age, or is on a recognised catch-up schedule if their child has fallen behind with their vaccinations, or has a medical reason not to be vaccinated. You will be required to provide your child’s Immunisation History that indicates the status of current immunisations and the due date of their next immunisation upon enrolment.



What food should my child bring to eat?

 We encourage you to send healthy food options along with a bottle of water. 

(See brochure for ideas, you can locate this at the end of this page) 

The centre does not allow food that contains nuts (peanut butter, Nutella, muesli bars), or whole egg foods.



Can my child start 3+ Activity Group before they turn 3 years of age?

 Children need to turn 3 in order for them to commence 3+ Activity Group, children who turn 3 after the term commences will be unable to start until their 3rd Birthday.



Can my child attend before & after school care?

 If you child attends The Grange P-6 Campus they can enrol for this program.  Children are walked to and from school from the community centre by the educators.



Can my child attend school holiday program?

 Children, who are primary school aged, can attend school holiday program.  Children from all primary schools are welcome.



When can my child start?

Once appropriate enrolment forms, including an Ezidebit form are completed and returned with a copy of immunisation certificate and the $50 enrolment fee is paid, staff will confirm commencement details as soon as enrolment procedure has been completed. 



Do I need to complete an Ezidebit form?

Yes, all families are required to provide a valid bank account in order to process fees.  It is a condition of you enrolment to have a valid account for payment processing. 



Can I come and visit the centre and have a look at the program?

We encourage families to make an appointment to ensure appropriate staff are available to discuss the program.  However if a program is in operation we will not be able to enter the room in order not to disrupt the learning that is occurring.  However you will be able to see what is happening through the window.



What time is the office open?

The office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. 



When will I have to pay fee’s?

3+ Activity Group Fee’s are billed quarterly; an email is sent our 4 weeks before the end of term and is debited 2 weeks before the end of the term.

Occasional Care, and Out of School Hours Care, are billed fortnightly.  Invoices are emailed out on Friday, and fee’s are scheduled for the following Monday.  Alternate days during that week can be requested to assist with payment processing.



What if I can’t pay my fee’s?

We recommend that as soon as you become aware that you are unable to pay your fee’s you contact us, and we can work with you and make a payment plan.