About Us - History

 The Grange Community Centre (GCC) is situated on Hogans Road in the northern section of Hoppers Crossing. The original Centre building was built in 1993 and was established as a long day-care centre, part funded by the Defence Force. However the Centre has never operated as a long day-care centre but was used as a kindergarten and community centre from 1993.

In August 1999 the centre changed its name from The Grange Children’s Centre to The Grange Community Centre. This change reflected the move from being solely a children’s services centre to including services for a wider section of the community.

In February 2000, a Centre Manager was appointed.  From this time The Grange began to experience greater stability.

The construction and completion of a new building took place in 2005. The new building is a purpose built building and includes the following facilities: two community rooms, community centre office, meeting room, two council kindergarten rooms, three playgrounds, foyer area and two maternal & child health rooms. East of the Centre attached to the main building is the Hoppers Crossing Soccer Club. The soccer club includes a large function room, change areas and soccer pitches.

In 2008, The Grange Community Centre employed a Community Development Officer which has contributed to a booming Community Centre that offers a range of different programs to the community.

During 2011 the community centre underwent an expansion on the office space, due to the community centre growing it programs and the additional staff required to sustain its growth.  The expansion created addition working space for staff as well as a fully functioning reception area that the centre had not previously had.

The Community Centre playground underwent a major redevelopment during 2016, creating a fun, inviting and creative play space for children aged 6mths to 12 years.